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 Torso, half life size. Caen Stone. 2006

 Hero & Leander. Clunch Stone. 2006

Reworked and titled 2010

 Woman of Delos. Lepine Stone. 2007 Sold Private Collection, England

 Woman as Landscape. Lepine Stone. 2007
Reworked, titled and Sold 2010

 Indo Girl. Lepine Stone. 2007

 Naxos Girl. Lepine Stone. 2007

 Leda and the Swan. Lepine Stone. 2007
Sold Switzerland 2009


Word in Her Ear!. Caen Stone. 2006 Sold

Screaming Torso. Portland Stone. 2007

Tall Torso. Portland Stone. 2006 Lost

Prometheus. Caen Stone. 2006 Sold

Ground Relief. Lepine Stone. 2006

Girl ftom 1909 Maybe. Plaster cast from clay. 2005

Fractured Torso. Wood and Plaster. 2005 Destroyed

Walking Torso. Portland Stone. 2005 Sold

Venus & Cupid (detail after Bronzino). Carved Plaster Relief. 2005 Sold

Girl and a Swan. Clunch Stone. 2005 Sold

Leda and Swan found. Plaster from Clay. 2004 Destroyed

Leda and the Swan. Caen Stone. 2004 Sold

Above: Dancer. Portland Stone. 2001

Left: East (rear). Limestone. 2000 Sold

Looking Out (front). Lepine Stone. 2001 Sold

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